Microsoft Flow

Led the visual design of the marketing website, video and corresponding digital and print collateral. This was a unique challenge, because the marketing site and product are one in the same. I worked very closely with the product design team to implement a clean and simple design that transcended the marketing and product. We wanted people to browse the product and its offerings before signing in, so they could find what is relevant to them.

Visual Design, Interactive, Product Design, Illustration



Creation of Flow started as a small feature within PowerApps called Logic Flows. The process of turning the Flows into a fully baked product began with multiple white boarding sessions with key product owners and research findings from similar products. From there, wireframes were created with Balsamiq for user testing. Upon each round of user studies, the designs were refined.

Press & Accolades

Honorable mention in the Websites & Platforms category in Fast Company’s 2016 Innovation by Design Awards